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Pastor Patrick Neil  Addison. Sr.

Pastor Patrick Neil Addison, Sr. repented of his sins and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior on July 13, 1989.  Over a three year period, the Lord convicted Bro. Pat of his sins and showed him that the way he was living was taking him to hell.  Bro. Pat, being troubled by his conscience, began searching out the solution to his troubles.  After asking several people what he should do without meeting with success, he went to his uncle, Pastor James Addison, Sr.  Pastor James Addison, Sr. offered him the solution to his problems: Repentance of all sins and Faith in Christ Jesus. 

Bro. Pat wasn't ready to repent and forsake all sin right then, but the next night, he cried out to God.  He told God that he would rather go to hell than sin against him.  The cleansing blood of Jesus Christ washed him on the spot!  Everything looked new!  Bro. Pat didn't have to ask or be convinced by anyone that he was now truly saved.  He had the assurance of salvation, and the confidence that comes with it; so much so that he called his uncle, Pastor James Addison, Sr., and shared the good news with him.  Pastor James Addison, Sr. would always say that Bro. Pat came out of the oven "Hot!" for Christ.  Bro. Pat's new life in Christ came with some persecution- as is the case with all saints of God- but, he tenaciously held on to God's hand.  The Lord rewarded his faith by blessing him to witness to and win out of sin the lady who would soon become his wife.  Sis. Gloria Addison repented of her sins and accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Savior on November 2, 1989

Bro. Pat and Sis. Gloria have been happily married for over nineteen years now, and are the parents of 3 children.  Pastor Pat is a God-fearing, loving, and faithful leader in our place of worship.  Thank God for men who do not seek to cast stones in self-righteous display, but seek to win sinners out of darkness for the salvation of their soul. Thank God for men who know that they can not save and their church can not save, but only Jesus Christ can and will save any sinner who repents and places his/her trust in Him. Thank God for men that will allow the power and holiness of God to keep them from sin!  Thank God for men who are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, knowing that it is the power of God to everyone who believeth!

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