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Name: Web Master
Date: 06/24/2018
Message: Jesus!

Name: Webmaster
Date: 04/24/2018
Message: God is in control!

Name: Hanan Gandasubrata
Date: 09/19/2017
Message: Greetings to Prayer Team of Faith and Trust Community Bible Church, PRAYER REQUEST : Health, Strength, Wisdom, Abilities and Income. Please pray for me, I want to have the ability to earn my income myself. I am 46 years old, but due to lack of wisdom, abilities, skills, and also factor of age, health and strength, I am still very dependent on my mother ( in financial ). My father had died in 2012. Pray for me that I have the health and strength and wisdom to seek my own income and that I can pay off all the debts left by the late my father. Thank you very much to Prayer Team of Faith and Trust Community Bible Church for your prayer support. May The Lord Jesus Christ bless you all. sincerely, Hanan Gandasubrata

Name: SWilliams
Date: 09/06/2017
Message: Amen to the update beautiful site! Well done.

Name: Webmaster
Date: 08/17/2017
Message: To God be the glory for all things!

Name: Webmaster
Date: 07/19/2017
Message: By God's grace, we have launched our new site for 2017. Thank you for your prayers!

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